SigEp Adopts a Street

8/19/2013 written by: Chad Schmidt

Adding to the long list of SigEp’s community service initiatives, our chapter is now pioneering an effort to improve the everyday lives of not only Drexel’s Greek life, but the university’s students as a whole. Partnering with Drexel’s student affairs office and Associate Dean John Cooke, SigEp is establishing a biweekly street cleaning project on Drexel’s 34th street.

The street cleaning utilizes the manpower of our chapter to pick up and dispose of the trash that litters the sidewalks along the street. Currently, we cover the sidewalks on both sides of 34th street between Powelton Avenue and Lancaster Avenue. The idea for such a street cleaning event was first thought of by our own Chris Baccash in November of this past year. Chris has spearheaded the completely voluntary event ever since and is responsible for our partnership with Drexel’s student affairs office. So far, SigEp has received help from the sisters of Alpha Sigma Alpha, and we are currently encouraging any other fraternities and sororities to join this community service initiative.

Although we are operating locally for now, we hope to soon extend the effort throughout Drexel’s campus community in the future. Street cleaning helps beautify our campus and city while improving the quality of life of all Drexel students. Getting rid of unnecessary trash alongside our thoroughfares on campus not only eliminates the obvious eyesore it creates, but also is a benefit to our urban environment. We have ambitious plans for our street cleaning event, and there is no community service effort on campus quite like it. As a casual observer of our campus environment, any bystander can see that an effort like this is needed. Drexel SigEp’s plans for this event do not have a timetable. As long as there is trash on our sidewalks, we plan to keep cleaning.