The Balanced Man Program

SigEp & the Balanced Man Philosophy

Our Balanced Man Program, a non-pledging model, works to ensure our members live a life invested in the belief of a “Sound Mind in a Sound Body”

Our program was created to help members grow academically, culturally, and professionally, while also living a life that promotes physical fitness and wellness. This is done through four self-paced member development challenges. This chapter-driven program is exactly what young men need - a continuous development experience focused on scholarship, leadership and life skills that complements a university’s classroom curriculum. The refinement of these crucial skills helps our brothers succeed upon graduation and prepares them to achieve balance and satisfaction in every aspect of their lives. Below are the Five Philosophical Tenets that guide both our Balanced Man Program and our fraternity.

The Five Philosophical Tenets

Equal rights and responsibilities

An element of the BMP is to uphold the tradition of SigEp’s Founders to give a member full rights the day he joins, so he becomes a full contributor with equal responsibility.

Continuous Development

For each year of college, a brother is challenged to develop himself personally, academically and professionally both in and out of the classroom.


Brothers who hold each other accountable for reaching goals, upholding standards, and behaving in alignment with their values will achieve more and give more to others.

Living the Ritual

The Ritual experience is more than a ceremony; it is a daily practical application of each brother’s commitment to the values of the Fraternity.


Mentoring is one way both undergraduates and volunteers enable the development of their brothers and themselves, deepening the chapter experience.

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