SigEp PA-BB Spotlight | Aviva Hufford

edited by: Gerardo Faia

What is the Saint Baldrick’s Foundation…

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation funds more in childhood cancer research grants than any organization other than the U.S. government. We coordinate our signature head-shaving events and other fundraisers, giving thousands of volunteers worldwide a chance to raise money to support lifesaving childhood cancer research. St. Baldrick's events are the largest volunteer-driven fundraising opportunity benefitting pediatric cancer research. Please join the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon as we raise money to find cures for childhood cancers to give survivors long, healthy lives. This year marks the 10th anniversary since our first event and with that, more than $320,000 raised and donated to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. This number has ranked us as the top Collegiate Shaving Event Nationally by St. Baldricks for over 7 years now and the top Philanthropy on Drexel’s Campus.

The following interview is part of a series of SigEp PA-BB Spotlight pieces. This spotlight is about Aviva Hufford and her family who have gone above and beyond with her support for our St. Baldrick’s philanthropy event this year.

Why did you choose to support Drexel SigEp and the St. Baldrick's Foundation?

My husband and I both graduated from Drexel in 2006. He has his BS in Information Systems and I’m an RN, BSN. When we found out that the St. Baldrick’s event was at Drexel, we HAD to go!

What made you decide to "Brave the Shave" and shave your head for children's cancer?

Our good friend Becky is in treatment currently for breast cancer. She lost all of her hair in round 2 of 6 of chemotherapy. Some of her friends wanted to shave their heads in support, but I wanted to do more that that. I wanted to shave my head to support her AND show that EVERY period of trial bears a silver lining. Her time of struggle is going to be a time of blessing for someone else through St. Baldrick’s.

What was the decision like to get your family involved with shaving their heads?

This is kind of funny. Truthfully? I told my husband that if we go to Drexel on the 23rd, and I shave off my waist length, beautiful hair and he doesn’t… he will be shamed into doing it anyway. So, he best get ready :) That seemed logical, so he’s getting himself excited and helping me fundraise. Desmond, our 19 month old, has hair that grows like weeds. He’s already had his head buzzed 8+ times! He won’t mind the new ‘do at all!

What is your final goal?

$1K is our goal by 4/23. We are over halfway there - as of today we’re at $600!

Is there anything else you would want to say to everyone?

God speaks so loudly through events like this! His love, His grace and passion for all of us is more than tangible. For anyone who doubts, take a look!

Thank you very much to Aviva for sharing her story and being so supportive of the Saint Baldrick’s foundation. If you would like to donate to her page, please click the link or image below.

If Aviva's story has inspired you, sign up to shave your head and help fund raise!

  • Follow the link here to sign up for our event!
  • Search and select “Head Shaving at Drexel University”
  • Hit the blue “Join Us” button and follow the instructions
  • If you can't join us on April 23rd, feel free to donate as every dollar matters in the fights against childhood cancer

Attend the event and join in on the celebration!

Please feel free to contact Jon Napolitano with any questions!