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PABB's Fall 2015 Edition

Posted January 4th, 2015

Current State of the Chapter

President Update
Written By: Mario Squicciarini, President

2015 has been a year of great transitions and much success for Sigma Phi Epsilon PA Beta Beta. While winning Drexel University’s Greek Week and raising over $50,000 for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation top the list of organizational milestones, we have taken great strides to ensure the long term stability of our chapter and the personal success of the men among our ranks. While transition and change are rarely easy, I am confident the restructuring of our membership through a recommitment to our core values will continue to provide the premiere fraternity experience on campus.

This Fall Term saw us bring in 13 new members who are already making an impact in our chapter, many of them are already in chapter leadership positions. We have implemented a new structure for our continuous development process that we call the Sigma Cycle. This revised process allows us to recruit continuously throughout the year and better develop each new member as they come into our chapter.

In addition to our operational progress, we have continue to stand out in what is the most important reason for being at Drexel University, our education. This most recent term we maintained a 3.48 GPA, well above the All Campus Average of 3.21. Our new members led the way, with 8 of 13 achieving a 3.60 term average, getting them onto the Drexel University Dean’s List. Our chapter has maintained the top GPA among fraternities since 2013, and our members have put us on track to do so for years to come.

Equally as important as academics are the relationships we build while here at Drexel. This year our members were able to build personal relationships with many amazing faculty and administrators here through our Residential Learning Community. Every year we invite several of the professors and administrators that our members are most interested in, into our home. This year we hosted Drexel University President John Fry, Senior Associate Vice President of Drexel University Rita LaRue, our Chapter’s Faculty Fellow Dr. Stanley Ridgley, in addition to many others. This time spent with our guests outside of an academic setting gives SigEp’s the opportunity to connect to these guests on a personal level an opportunity most other students will never have.

Since the virtue and diligence of our brothers cannot be questioned, I’d like to highlight how our members are striving to live out our our third cardinal principle, Brotherly Love. This past week brought great sorrow to the SigEp world as one of our greatest men, Former Grand President Phil Cox, from the Indiana Beta Chapter, lost his battle with cancer. President Cox had been battling multiple cancers for a few years. He fought to get to the 2015 SigEp Conclave this August in Nashville. While he was not able to speak to the crowd, his wife told the thousands gathered how SigEp has helped him fight as long as he has. Even in the state he was in, when myself and 2 other Drexel SigEps went to speak with him he instantly remembered the dozen or so cards we had sent him in the Fall telling him he was in our mind and our prayers here at Drexel. In his roughest of times, Sigma Phi Epsilon and the Pennsylvania Beta Beta sought to return some of the Brotherly Love shown by Brother Cox and hopefully helped him fight to see another day.

I have been in this chapter for 3 years and I can honestly say I have never been prouder of what we have accomplished over this past year. I am anxious to see what great successes the 2016 year will bring.

Sigma Phi Epsilon Scholarship Luncheon Recognizes Outstanding Drexel Students

Balanced Man Scholarship
Written By: Kody Schneider, VP of Programming

Brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon Pennsylvania Beta Beta assembled on Saturday, November 7th at the Van Rensselaer Hall to prepare for the 2015 Balanced Man Scholarship (BMS) Luncheon. Sigma Phi Epsilon turned the old Victorian room into a perfect venue for the fraternity’s scholarship presentation, adorning the hall in violet and red. The Balanced Man Scholarship has been a tradition for Sigma Phi Epsilon Chapters across the nation in recognizing freshman students at universities for their exemplary achievements inside and outside of the classroom. Candidates and winners are often recognized for outstanding community service involvement as well as impressive performances on the sports field.

Drexel University’s Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter has conducted the BMS Luncheon since their chartering date fourteen years ago. This year’s luncheon included attendance by Sigma Phi Epsilon alumni, campus officials, Sigma Phi Epsilon brothers, and the scholarship finalists. The luncheon was opened by a notable Sigma Phi Epsilon Renaissance Brother from Steven’s Tech University, Dr. Jonathan Wharton, who spoke on behalf of the fraternity’s century old tradition as well as congratulating the candidates on all of their wonderful achievements throughout high school. Following Dr. Wharton, I had the pleasure of recognizing various Sigma Phi Epsilon brothers on their achievements in the chapter. One of the awards presented was “Brother of Year” awarded to Brother Justin San Juan for his outstanding involvement in the chapter while simultaneously being a resident assistant on campus studying to attend medical school. Justin San Juan is pictured to the left receiving his prestigious award.

Kody Schneider presenting Justin San Juan with the Sigma Phi Epsilon Pennsylvania Beta Beta Brother of the Year Award.

But Justin was not the star of the luncheon. The scholarship candidates were the stars of the gathering and it was their time to shine. Mr. San Juan announced each of the candidates and their achievements having them stand in front of the audience to be recognized. After finishing the short bios on each of the candidates, Mr. San Juan announced this year’s winners of the scholarship, Ali Harb, Cole Secor, and Ryan Benjamin. Each of the winners possessed GPAs well over 4.0 accompanied by a Soccer State Championship, a multitude of community service projects, and a notable donation to the St. Baldrick’s foundation.

Pictured left to right: Matthew McConomy, Kyle Dempski, Ali Harb, Ryan Benjamin, Cole Secor, Ayush Parikh, Johnny Zhu, Tanvir Bashar, and Ryan Burton.

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PABB's New Members

New Member Profiles: Fall 2015



Favorite Pastimes/hobbies:

Running and listening to music.

What are you looking forward to most in SigEp?

Living in the fraternity house.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I would like to open my own business.



Favorite Pastimes/hobbies:

I'm a huge sports fan. I will watch/play anything. I love spending time with my new family here at Drexel, but I enjoy going back home and catching up with my old family. I love watching movies and TV shows. If you've never seen Grey's Anatomy or Lost, I strongly urge you to give them a shot.

What are you looking forward to most in SigEp?

I look forward to bettering myself as a man, and I am excited to hold myself to the high standards that SigEp expects from their members. I'm glad to be able to surround myself with such great guys and develop my relationship with each and every one of them. I love you all.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Living a happy life surrounded with the ones I love. I want to be a dad really bad so maybe I'll have a little one, but first I need to find a pretty girl to spend the rest of my life with. I hope to work for a big investment firm such as J.P. Morgan or Goldman Sachs.



Favorite Pastimes/hobbies:

I enjoy playing video games, helping the community, and playing soccer. I also enjoyed driving around and going to the beach or the movies.

What are you looking forward to most in SigEp?

Through SigEp I am hoping to improve myself in all aspects. Also I am hoping to gain friends and people that I can rely on for help during my years at Drexel and in my future endeavors.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years, I see myself graduating and possibly going off to college again for Medical School and becoming a doctor. Before getting into medical school I want to make sure that I have a job in case I change my mind.



Favorite Pastimes/hobbies:

Playing all types of sports, primarily football; Spending time at the gym lifting and staying active; Socializing with not only members of SigEp, but also the Drexel community; Taking spontaneous trips to places such as New York City, the beach, etc.; Eating food; Trying new things!

What are you looking forward to most in SigEp?

I look forward to developing myself into a balanced man and take on the ideals of the fraternity the most. Secondly, I look forward to creating bonds with my fellow brothers of SigEp and coming to understand each and every one of them. Last, all the sport events and Greek weeks are definitely some things that I am looking forward to!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years, I see myself as a commissioned officer in the United States Army leading enlisted soldiers who serve below me into combat and other ideal situations. As for location, I see myself somewhere overseas maybe in Europe. I want to say that I see myself as successful person in five years, but many things can change from now until then. Therefore, I just hope for the best.



Favorite Pastimes/hobbies:

I love biking, watching movies and playing recreational sports such as squash, tennis and volleyball. I’m a huge Eagles fan. I always find time to read and catch up with friends. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories!

What are you looking forward to most in SigEp?

The brotherhood and the people. I believe that sharing experiences with my brothers will make my time here at Drexel memorable. I look forward to growing as a person and expanding my understanding of the world around me. I hope to learn as much as I can from my brothers and be a good role model in the future.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself traveling in Europe and making the most of my youth. I want to spend time hiking, snorkeling, and skydiving. I see myself working in humanitarian aid and helping people all around the world.



Favorite Pastimes/hobbies:

Surfing, Snowboarding, Cars, Cross Country/ Track, Triathlete, Arcade Games/Arcade Cabinets

What are you looking forward to most in SigEp?

I am looking forward to having a lot of fun, getting to know some really awesome people, and getting involved on campus. In high school I kind of let time pass me by, so I want to explore what college has to offer and leave my comfort zone.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself being involved in some sort of computer company, either making circuit boards or designing electrical systems. Maybe I might be in graduate school, but who knows. I look forward to a world of opportunity.


Ciaccia III

Favorite Pastimes/hobbies:

Playing Guitar, Writing Music, Playing and Reffing Ice Hockey

What are you looking forward to most in SigEp?

I'm looking forward to Greek week. I've always been very competitive and I can't wait to help my brothers take home the Greek week championship.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself working my first job as an actuary in Philadelphia. Hopefully helping contribute to AVC for the PABB chapter. Possibly married but who knows where life will take me.



Favorite Pastimes/hobbies:

I always enjoyed playing sports and hanging out with my friends. I always enjoyed being outside such as swimming in creeks, jumping off rocks, and hiking as well.

What are you looking forward to most in SigEp?

I am looking to get a lot out of SigEp mostly the experiences and the life lessons I will learn. Already I have learned a lot about what it means to be a leader as well as a better brother. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years I see myself settling in to a job. Most likely I will be living in Philadelphia, but I would love to work for Volkswagen or another German Engineering Car company.



Favorite Pastimes/hobbies:

Rock climbing, Watches, sports, history

What are you looking forward to most in SigEp?

Getting to know a whole new group of people through the program. Also the amount of opportunities that SigEp provides is unreal

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I hopefully see myself working in a watch company in five years. As long as I leave college with a good job I will be happy.



Favorite Pastimes/hobbies:

In my downtime, I love to play soccer. I've played club soccer my whole life, and I'm always down to exercise. At Drexel I'm involved with many other clubs and organizations such as the Student Nurses Association of PA and the Drexel Society of Future Health Leaders. I am also a Student Ambassador on campus, and I give campus tours to prospective students.

What are you looking forward to most in SigEp?

I am looking forward to creating amazing bonds and friendships along the way. I also am looking forward to improving myself as an individual, and I know SigEp will help me grow and further myself.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself working as a registered nurse in my dream hospital. I also see myself pursuing a master’s degree in my field. Someday I want to become either a nurse practitioner (NP) or a certified nurse anesthetist (CRNA).



Favorite Pastimes/hobbies:

Soccer, Tennis and playing the Guitar

What are you looking forward to most in SigEp?

Getting involved, making great memories, and improving my Drexel experience altogether!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years from now I see myself in my beginning years of medical school excelling as an improved individual from my experiences in the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity at Drexel University.



Favorite Pastimes/hobbies:

Reading, watching movies, speculating in the stock market, downing espresso, trying on expensive suits, mentally traveling to Hawaii, harassing parents and family for money, participating in debates, juggling, tennis, baseball, golf, ultimate frisbee and any other sporty activities.

What are you looking forward to most in SigEp?

Brotherhood and growing myself into a fully fledged balanced man. Also, getting to wear Greek letters is pretty cool.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Traveling the world in search of spiritual fulfillment.



Favorite Pastimes/hobbies:

Volleyball and photography

What are you looking forward to most in SigEp?

Joining SigEp has unlocked many opportunities for me to learn, develop, and grow as a balanced man. Through SigEp, I most look forward to Greek Week and Conclave as we continue to proudly show our pride in being a SigEp!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Five years from now, I see myself taking on the opportunities to travel, explore, and envelop myself in the diversity of cultures and people. Coming to Drexel from Hawai'i was a stepping stone upon this aspiration, and I sure hope to continue to do so while 'capturing' the moments.

24 Brothers Take Part in Life Development Programs offered by Sigep

Written By: Brian Bucci, VP of Member Development

This November, many of our members traveled to participate in programs that the SigEp national community organized for our benefit. One weekend, two of these events took place. In Reinholds, Pennsylvania seventeen Drexel SigEps stayed overnight at a YMCA camp for the EDGE program, while seven others traveled to Stamford, Connecticut for the two-day Life After College event hosted in a Marriott Hotel.

Members at EDGE and LAC
(top) Members attending EDGE, (bottom) members attending LAC.

EDGE is an event designed to educate new members about our fraternity. Volunteers facilitate group discussions designed to help them thrive in our fraternity environment. Many of the topics centered on challenging the perception of Greek Life, and empowering our members to stand out and make a difference. We focused on collaboration skills, living a values-driven lifestyle, and contributing to make SigEp the best organization it can be.

In addition to the structured development sessions, EDGE provides members with their first experience to form relationships with Brothers from other chapters. The event was open to all SigEp chapters in our part of the country, and all the participants stayed on-site overnight. After the scheduled programs were over, everyone was able to further bond with facilitators, alumni, and undergraduates from other chapters in a more casual environment.

Besides being an important, impressive experience for members new to SigEp, EDGE also offers a unique opportunity to older members as well. Five of us from SigEp at Drexel volunteered as facilitators for the November EDGE program. We were given the responsibility to lead a variety of small group activities as well as lead discussions in front of the whole body of 80 participants. While many of us have leadership experience in small clubs on campus, rarely do we get the chance to speak before a group that large.

Life After College is a relatively new program – 2015 marked the third year since the first of these events. As Drexel students, several members from our chapter that participated were no strangers to the working world. Many of them had substantial work experience from co-op, and assistance from co-op coordinators in providing resume and interview suggestions. However, Life After College offers our members professional guidance from a different perspective. Many of the Alumni and volunteers at this SigEp event offer advice not as counselors but as professionals who have been in recruiting and hiring roles themselves. Rather than standard guidelines about professionalism, the facilitators at Life after College provide insight to help our members better understand what hiring officers are looking for, and how they can stand out as potential employees.

Life After College is designed to accommodate students with various levels of professional experience. Information sessions cover everything from resume building and interview skills, to personal finance and professional networking. Each of these topics has 2 sessions, an introductory level and a more advanced level. This way, younger students can get their first exposure to these professional topics, while older students can explore in more detail. This event also offers a private job fair. Students get the chance to network with companies across a variety of industries. Our members can practice discussing their co-op experience directly with recruiters.

Overall these two programs are excellent opportunities for SigEp members to explore extra-curricular interests. EDGE provides us with information to help us make the most out of our fraternity experience. It also offers an opportunity for older members to develop their leadership and public speaking skills. Life after College aims to enhance the professional skills that our members gain through the Drexel co-op program. That weekend in November, a total of twenty-four of our members took part in either program. Volunteers and SigEp’s national leaders ensure that these events effectively prepare each of us for future success in a variety of ways.

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Sound Mind, Sound Body

Academics and Athletics
Written By: Ryan O'Hea & Gerardo Faia

Sigma Phi Epsilon subscribes to the ancient Greek belief that the mind is central to humanity and that the body serves as a vessel for the mind, and thus the exercise of both is necessary for a balanced life.

As with many other facets of our chapter, fall term provided new opportunities for SigEp and athletic involvement. With our reinvigorated executive board and revamped culture, a high caliber class of new members was brought in and relied upon to be integral members of our chapter's success. The majority of our flag football team was comprised of new members who were eager to learn how to be part of a team and eager to develop brotherly ties with some seasoned chapter veterans. Our new members took this drive and mindset into our annual, all Greek encompassing, New Member Bowl in which they successfully advanced to the quarterfinals and gave a valiant effort until the very end. With some victories and a lot of learning, athletics were a bright spot throughout fall term and the future looks bright as we storm into winter term.

As part of SigEp's focus on academic excellence, we were very excited to maintain a 3.48 GPA, well above the All Campus Average of 3.21. Our new members led the way, with 8 of 13 achieving a 3.60 term average, getting them onto the Drexel University Dean’s List. Our chapter has maintained the top GPA among fraternities since 2013, and our members have put us on track to do so for years to come.

Grade Report Fall 2015

Drexel Professor Reveals Public Speaking Tricks

Dr. Ridgley
Written By: Brandon Garcia

The professor stood tall before the brothers of SigEp, feet shoulder-width apart, arms raised at his side, and chest proudly puffed out.

“I’m feeling especially powerful today,” recited Dr. Stan Ridgley in the deepest voice he could muster that had a slight resemblance to that of Darth Vader.

“This is a stance of invigorating power, flooding your body with testosterone, inhibiting the flow of cortisol: the hormone of stress. You tell yourself that before a presentation and I guarantee, with the right preparation, you’ll have won the affection of the entire crowd,” continued Dr. Ridgley.

Dr. Ridgley visiting SigEp PABB

This was just another Wednesday at the house for the brothers of the Pennsylvania Beta Beta chapter. The brothers coordinated a book club with Dr. Stanley Ridgley, a decorated professor of Drexel University’s Lebow College of Business. Dr. Ridgley has had an extensive amount of experience with public speaking, and agreed to discuss the premise of the book, How to Develop Self-Confidence & Influence People by Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie: a profound book that offers a step-by-step manual on how to successfully deliver a presentation. The book was separated into halves, in which, after each half was a discussion hosted at the house to review and reiterate the key points introduced by Dale Carnegie.

The first discussion was centered on first impressions and initial thoughts. Upon the close of the first discussion, Dr. Ridgley presented to each of the brothers in the book club a tiny piece of paper. Words had been inscribed onto each slip of paper, holding the premise for our next discussion: presentations. The brothers went around the room announcing each of their topics. “Let me tell you a secret,” brother Ali Harb proclaimed, “I don’t get it.” “Do with it as you please, but by next meeting I expect a two-minute presentation on your secret,” retorted Dr. Ridgley, and the brothers were on their way.

The next presentation gave the brothers a chance to stand up and present on the previously selected topics. Dr. Ridgley and the others gave feedback and critique on each presentation. I presented on the topic of the "World's Greatest Shoe" after which Dr. Ridgley taught me the importance of having a "hook" at the beginning of my presentation to better engage the crowd.

The brothers were blessed with the opportunity to have had such a powerful public speaker offer constructive criticisms on presentations that used the tactics suggested by Dale Carnegie, a renowned public figure. In addition, the brothers were offered the one on one coaching, including help crafting their golden statement, in which is a guaranteed hook at any job interview. This was just another Wednesday for the brothers of the SigEp fraternity providing its members a different fraternity experience at Drexel University.

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An Interview with Jon Locco: Drexel ’15 and Previous President of PABB

Alumni Interview
Written By: Daniel Stenger

Jon Locco recently graduated in June 2015 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is now working at The Dow Chemical Company in Baton Rouge as a Maintenance Engineer. While he says the move from Pennsylvania to Louisiana has been a little difficult, he feels that SigEp has helped to ease the transition as becoming involved helped him branch out and be comfortable attempting things he never would have dreamt of doing in the past. He continued saying by saying:

“This organization helped me grow and understand the potential for future success when I push myself outside my comfort zone. My leadership experience in the organization also fine-tuned my ability to not only work with others, but learn from them.”

Jon joined PABB in the Winter Term of 2013, his 3rd year at Drexel. He says he didn’t join until later as he let the stereotypes define his opinion of what a fraternity is. Only after a close friend asked him to simply come to a recruitment event did he change his view on fraternity life and that was even after he “spent days talking [him]self out of the notion of going to a single event”. Despite his initial hesitations, he became quickly involved in both the Finance and Recruitment cabinets and was eventually elected to Vice President of Recruitment where he ran a successful recruitment during the Winter Term of 2014. His motivation stemmed from the same hesitation that kept him from joining earlier as he says:

“I firmly believe that you can only be as virtuous and diligent as the people you surround yourself with. I wanted to set my brothers and the organization up for success by ensuring those who joined Sigma Phi Epsilon not only believed in our cardinal principles, but lived them.”

Following his term as Vice President of Recruitment, Jon was elected as President in the Fall Term of 2014 with the intention to focus on “highlighting the unique skills of each member and utilizing our members' strengths to provide an environment for continuous development”. While his term in presidency became the start of a very difficult time for the chapter, he pushed through the presented challenges and worked tirelessly to correct mistakes to set the chapter on the right path.

When asked for advice that he’d like to give to any undergraduate member he gave two simple statements: 1) For every time you complain, you must take action; and 2) Do not wait to be asked. In short, he strongly encourages all members to take action instead of sitting on the sidelines. Instead of just venting about a problem, do something about it and be a part of the solution. He gives the example of how he stepped up, organized an event, and was provided some funding in less than 24 hours. Jon then went on to say: “If you think that someone will either do the work, know what you’re thinking, or ask for your help, your time in this organization will be short and boring.” He finished the tidbit of advice with a comment on the commitment that all members make when joining the fraternity:

“You have committed an Oath to the members and to the organization of Sigma Phi Epsilon. A commitment not just for when it is sunny and the sky is blue.  A commitment not just for when your friends agree with you.  A commitment not just for when it is convenient or easy. Your commitment is a life time responsibility of your time and your skills, regardless of the situation. Wear your letters with virtue, diligence, and brotherly love and I promise you Sigma Phi Epsilon will reward you with an invaluable experience."

Brotherhood Beyond College

Brotherly Love
Written By: Peter Deluca

Brotherly love. It’s the bonds of brotherhood that make SigEp and other fraternities more than just a social-philanthropy club with fantasy football and parties. I joined SigEp for many reasons, but it was the brotherhood of men I could count on and have real camaraderie with that made me stay. I thought I’d share a personal story about the lasting value of the bonds we make together.

This past summer my Uncle Jeff very unexpectedly passed away. While setting up the memorial service my cousin Lauren was contacted by a group of older men who began telling her amazing things about her father. They turned out to be Jeff’s Lambda Chi brothers from Gettysburg College, his alma mater he attended 40 years ago. They spoke about Jeff as if they had just hung out the day before.

They shared a lifetime of vivid stories and experiences that Lauren had never knew about her father. Stories that included hilarious memories they had together as pledges, trips they went on, and all the weddings they enjoyed together. Some even told Lauren how proud Jeff was when she was born. Lauren had recognized some of them from pictures of her father’s wedding but never knew just how many brothers her father kept in contact with after college. It brought a warm feeling to Lauren knowing how cherished her father was with these guys.


So when Jeff passed away, a large group of his fellow Lambda Chi’s showed up to honor and remember their lost brother. In addition, they raised money for the renovation of the porch they shared so many good memories on and dedicated his name to it.

At the end of the day SigEp is a brotherhood. We may sometimes argue over disagreements, but we’re still held together by a common bond. I can confide in many of my brothers just as I would my own family, and sometimes, even more. Hopefully college is just the beginning of our many journeys together. The story of my Uncle Jeff goes to show that the brotherhood and friends you make in college can truly last beyond a lifetime.

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